Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Handmade Bags 2

This one shows Saroeun using a lighter to burn the edges of the nylon strap to stop them from fraying. It sounds very primitive, the tools we use. The bags are handmade so we do not use expensive equipment like you find in factories. With machinery, all the different parts are mass produced efficiently, whereas it's more time-consuming to do it the "traditional" way. Photo courtesy of Corey Torpie ( Corey came by to buy our bags one day and spent the next day with the Bloom team. She is a brilliant photographer--go check out her site and you can see beautiful photos of China and Europe.


toan tienshx1jp said...
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Diana Saw said...

This entry was deleted because it was some idiot advertising a tour in the region. This and all the deleted entries on the blog are entries by idiots trying to get readers to buy their telephone service or some such rubbish. I leave critical comments in but really cannot tolerate these users or "link whores" as some people call them.


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