Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Menu at this year's G8 summit in Hokkaido, Japan

If you have any doubt how money is wasted at these summits, take a look at the menu. And they are supposed to be discussing solving world hunger and third world debt. Disgusting - these people should be ashamed of themselves. Nod to Pauline for pointing this out to me.

Source: http://blogs.guardian.co.uk/food/2008/07/g8_japan_food_menu.html


Corn-stuffed caviar
Smoked salmon and sea urching "pain surprise" style
Winter lily bulb and summer savoury
Kelp-flavoured cold kyoto beef shabu-shabu, asparagus dressed with sesame cream
Diced fatty fles of tuna fish, avocado and jellied soy sauce and Japanese herb "shiso"
Boiled clam, tomato, Japanese herb "shiso" in jellied clear soup of clam
Water shield and pickled conger dressed with vinegar soy sauce
Boiled prawn with jellied tosazu-vinegar
Grilled eel rolled around burdock strip
Sweet potato
Fried and seasoned Goby with soy sauce and sugar
Hairy Crab "Kegani" bisque soup
Salt-grilled bighand thornyhead with vinegary water pepper sauce
Milk fed lamb from "shiranuka" flavoured with aromatic herbs and mustard
Roasted lamb and cepes and black truffle with emulsion sauce of lamb's stock and pine seed oil
Special cheese selection, lavender honey and caramelised nuts
G8 fantasy dessert

Wine list

Le Reve grand cru champagne
Japanese saki
Corton Charlemagne 2005
Chateau Latour burgundy
Ridge California Monte Bello 1997
Tokaji Essencia 1999 from Hungary

Thursday, July 03, 2008

New Blogger Template

I screwed up my old blog when farting about with trying on a new template last night. The BLOOM FAQs are gone so have to add that in again. The blog is now black to suit my current dark mood --also the V for Vendetta quote looks better black, no? Anyway am trying to have 3 column blog so will try again. Update: stupid blogger is not compatible with safari or firefox, so i can't just cut and paste. Grrr!

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Snake vs Gecko Part 1!

A couple of weeks ago the dogs barking brought to my attention this snake trying to swallow a beautiful spotted gecko. The gecko was green with red spots. You can see how large the gecko's head is compared with the snake's in the second photo. I'll upload this first and the next pics to follow. Poor gecko: looks like he'll lose this battle!

Snake vs Gecko part 2!

If you look closely, there are some twigs in the gecko's mouth. Dad said maybe it was the gecko's way of saving itself from being swallowed. The snake wound itself around the gecko to suffocate it first. The third photo is awesome: nature at work. The whole process took a long time, almost an hour. Did it succeed in swallowing its prey? Stay tuned!

Snake vs Gecko Final Episode!

Austin was none too happy with the snake. He kept barking at it and the snake struck out once at him and once at Nessie. The dogs were so jumpy. It was quite funny to see them so nervous. Dad the hero -- he saved the gecko when he saw what was going on after he returned from a walk. He had used a stick, the one holding up the gecko, to prod the snake and it panicked and slithered away on a tree. The dogs got all excited chasing the snake. It didn't even occur to me to save the lizard. Actually, its cloudy eyes made me think it was already dead, suffocated by the snake. I just kept on taking photos and some short videos with my camera. Actually I felt a bit sorry for the snake. It was trying to have a meal for almost an hour, patiently trying to swallow the gecko, but in the end it had to give up. Dad then placed the gecko on a tree and we believe it survived, because it was nowhere to be found after a while. So Snake vs Gecko - Gecko wins! ... or at least didn't lose (its life).


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