Friday, August 06, 2010

Siem Reap police - tourist experience

David posted a comment on my blog post Tourist Police in Siem Reap.
we got a problem, my credit card was robbed and we try to write a complain in the tourism office near Angkor. We were there for about 1 hour, they were asking stupid questions about at what time we called the bank, how much money we got in the account, we had to show them the letter from the bank, just to lost time. We say we wanted only the complain form to sent to the bank, but he didn´t give us a copy. After that, they burned the paper in front of us. After that I realised they wanted money from me, and all the questions were only to know how much money I have and so give more money to them. Corruption is even here, in the face of the tourism in Angkor.

Terrible. The policemen should be ashamed of themselves. To think I actually spoke well of them in my earlier post, based on another tourist's experience.

I recently wrote about the corruption in Cambodia and how from the very top, it trickles down to the people.

This report in 2007: Almost 75% of Cambodians have paid a bribe.

And here is my own experience in 2007 Dealing with the Cambodian Police.


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