Monday, October 09, 2006

Neang's House

Neang and her grandma, who is 78 years old. Her granny looks healthy, although she must have had a very hard life, under Pol Pot and now this. Neang also has two other siblings, both disabled from accidents, who just moved to Vietnam wit live with her aunt. This is the entire house. On the left is a stove and they cook with wood which Neang finds. On the left is a water dispenser for the 30 litres of water she gets a day. Washing has to be done at the river because the precious water is used for cooking and drinking. On the far right, you can see a bit of the Hwa Tai Cream Crackers tin I had thrown away
and which she had asked from me when she saw. It was a lesson for me to keep whatever can be used. What is waste to us is precious to poor people.

The job at BLOOM has allowed Neang to rent a house for USD10 a month near the construction site. I will visit her at her new home soon.

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