Sunday, February 25, 2007

So they found oil in Cambodia

But it's not good news, I fear. Call me a cynic.

Update: I had originally posted the entire AP article on my blog, for the convenience of readers, but have since realised I'd better stop publishing news articles on my blog before someone tells me they want money for their copyrighted materials.
Anyway, so I did a google search to find the original article to point readers to it. Here it is, on IHT's website:

And here's an updated news article: 02/22/asia/AS-GEN-Cambodia-Offshore-Oil.php

One more by Radio Free Asia:


Anonymous said...

They really found oil in Cambodia?

Diana Saw said...

Hi Walter,

sorry I just realised I never did reply to your comment. I am backing up my posts now and only just saw this. Yes there is oil in this country. Khmers are lucky--or unlucky, depending on what happens. The worry is that things could turn out like in Nigeria--"We have oil so screw you, international community. We don't need you to survive."

You can find out more about the issue by Googling Cambodia and oil.


Anonymous said...
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