Monday, August 06, 2007

The BLOOM Manifesto


1. We believe in the right of all people to a decent life, free of poverty, and with access to education
2. We believe you can be rich by helping the poor
3. We believe women hold up half the sky
4. We believe your handbag is a reflection of you
5. We believe quality is worth paying for
6. We believe workers should always be paid a fair wage—to hell with big, fat, CEO paychecks!
7. We believe if you knew the truth you would not tolerate the exploitation of workers
8. We believe exploitation is evil
9. We believe in the power of good over evil
10. We believe in the power of the individual to bring about change
11. We believe in love at first sight (at least where our bags are concerned)
12. We believe in transparent prices; life is too precious to waste time on bargaining


Curious Cat said...

Awesome. Great job and best wishes. This type of effort is what the world needs more of to create a world without poverty.

Diana Saw said...

Thanks Curious Cat. I'm just one individual trying to make a difference. It's good to know others understand what Bloom is trying to achieve. If you don't mind, can you add a link to Bloom from your blog? We need all the publicity we can get. Thanks again for the encouraging note!

Cheers from Kathmandu, Nepal


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