Sunday, September 23, 2007

Jetstar magazine article on Bloom (click on image to read)


TooT said...

Hi Diana, congrats on the mag coverage - u nvr know what it will lead to ... btw Anita Roddick has passed on - ur work really reminds me of what she set out to do ... so hang in there ...

Diana Saw said...

Hey OT thanks for that encouraging comment. I'm not sure if I am like Anita Roddick. I know little of her and was surprised to come across a 1994 expose of the body shop--Jon Entine's "Shattered Image: Is The Body Shop Too Good to Be True?" I first came across it in a book of articles that were killed by editors for supposedly being too "dangerous". You can find out more here.

Still, many thanks for the email and the kind words OT!



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