Wednesday, September 27, 2006


It is 4:30am and a nice drizzle is going on outside. I love the sound and smell of rain—lovely to sleep to, but useless tonight. Was wide awake and decided to come downstairs to write a bit. Want to take laptop onto bed but have to resist because the doctor says I must only associate the bed with sleep.

Called Alan earlier. It costs only 180riels (SGD0.08) a min to Singapore and ten times as much (SGD0.85) to call Cambodia, and that’s on Singapore’s cheap VOIP line, 1511. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I used to call Alan in the UK on 1511 for only SGD0.05 cents a min, or SGD3 an hour. What gives? Monopoly, that’s what.

Anyway, was trying to sort out what I need Alan to bring over for me. I was disappointed to hear we have to leave behind the new 20-inch Dell LCD monitor. Alan will not be taking along his new super-duper computer, the one he built just before I made the decision to move to Cambodia. It’s a big machine, with lots of storage capacity and too heavy to bring over. Alan spent a lot of time researching his new toy and getting it to work. I remember trudging to Sim Lim (Singapore’s one-stop computer centre) with him on numerous occasions in the name of research, always dreaming of opening a shoe shop there, so women like myself can entertain ourselves while our boyfriends shop for their gadgets.

Yet he has never once blamed or berated me for wanting to move. Alan has been incredibly supportive. It’s a big change for him and for someone who hates change, he has been just wonderful. I often think how lucky I am, ending up with the only man I ever liked. Alan is the smartest, most disciplined and even-tempered person I know. Here is someone who embodies Aristotle’s Golden Mean. He shows me what human beings are capable of and I love him dearly for it. I can see him cringing already if he reads this—-he’s also the most private and un-vain person I know. Actually, I am cringing myself. I feel like deleting this paragraph entirely but am resisting editing my thoughts in the interest of honesty.

Alan arrives on Thursday and all will be well again. :)

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