Sunday, September 24, 2006

New Singapore embassy

I have been sick for a week. Actually I am worried about my health. I seem to be falling sick often here--that's twice in 2 months. I think it is due to the bad diet because i mostly live alone and can't be bothered to cook. Dad is here on a visit but he doesn't cook either! I wish there was a pill we could pop that would make us full. Cooking is such a bother.

My boyfriend Alan has arrived from Scotland and is in Singapore. He couldn't get a flight this week (all the cheapie SGD48 seats on Jetstar have been sold out!) so he will be here next Thursday. That would be great. Alan will make sure we eat well. It'll be back to curry with broccoli and carrots for dinner!

I passed the Norodom Boulevard the other day on my way to Monument Books, the big (and expensive!) bookshop here in Phnom Penh and was interested to see that the Singapore government is building a new and massive embassy here, just opposite the former one housed in a small villa. It is a sign that the government is spending, or is planning to spend more money in this country. Probably in telecoms--maybe they're trying to take over the market just like in Thailand, haha.

Been watching the news on the coup in Thailand. What a country. I watch the civilian protests in Hungary and contrast this with Thailand where the military just rolls in. They don't mess about, the Thais.

Still don't have home Internet access which is a pain and which I miss terribly.

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