Thursday, August 21, 2008

Blood, sweat and T-shirts - BBC documentary

If you are still not convinced it is unfair that there are human beings who work hard to earn pittance, this BBC show will open your eyes. Six Brits experience what it is like working in India to produce the clothes that they buy all the time in the UK, without a thought as to who makes them and how they are made. Here's what they concluded:

"I know that I personally, would be happy to pay a little bit more for whatever I'm buying, to know that it hasn't been made in horrible conditions, getting paid next to nothing." (6:34)

"A safe working environment where you are not going to die of disease, is not a lot to ask for" (8:24)

"Brands that get clothing made in places like this should be quite ashamed of themselves." (8:29)

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