Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nike sweatshop found again-this time in Malaysia

Hytex is reputedly the largest T-shirt manufacturer in Asia and it also manufactures for Nike. The factory is in Kepong, an hour's drive from KL in Malaysia. They exploit workers from Bangladesh, Vietnam and Burma who work 6 days a week for 45 Australian dollars (about USD40). Watch how these men live in appalling conditions while earning a monthly wage that is less than the cost of a Nike T-shirt in Australia. Expose by Australia's Channel 7 news.

Here is Nike's response

What is interesting to me is Nike has been in business for what, 30 years? And it *still* has problems managing its suppliers. Isn't it time Nike focuses on being the manufacturer of sporting goods instead of being just a brand that outsources the manufacture of its products? It's big enough, has deep enough pockets to do its own manufacturing in-house, yet chooses over and over, to outsource to unreliable partners that disappoint them and their customers. Its a sign surely that Nike only wants to commit to those aspects of business where the big bucks are - branding, marketing, media- and not the actual making of goods.

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Terrible fish said...

Total word to what you wrote here. Stop pleading surprise, disappointment and ignorance, and own up to your role in this system (Nike I mean, not you...)


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