Saturday, February 21, 2009

National Geographic Store Singapore

I visited this huge shopping mall called Vivocity with my friend Swee and was surprised to find a National Geographic store. If you are a NatGeo fan like me you'll like the store, which is a wonderful travel store. It's designed like a gallery and I was awe-struck by the horse "sculpture"on display--it's completely made from driftwood. Inside the store are photos from the magazine, some for sale.


Tanya said...

We discovered the nat geo store at christmas time and got sidetracked on our way up mt faber. Amazing photo exhibition!

Anonymous said...

ah another nat geo fanatic :p if u know ron u wld know that he is also a videographer/photographer for nat geo, atleast thats what he told me lol

Ron said...

I always love finding Nat Geo stores...they're so much better than the Discovery one's.

Munak, although I am not officially a cinematographer/photographer on Nat Geo's staff (which has now shrunken to only a handfull), I have done freelance assignments for them. Most recently I shot a travel show in Cambodia for Nat Geo Adventure Channel called Departures.


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