Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Edany and her daughter

Beautiful photo of Edany and her 8 year old daughter. Corey took such a great pic with the little boy from the neighbourhood running to the riverside. We were at the riverside across the bridge--I love this area, it is cool and breezy and not yet developed. No doubt it will be one day, as the villagers are sitting on prime land that is quickly being snapped up by developers who want to build all sorts of riverfront businesses. Dany's mother (pictured below) pays USD10 a month to rent a small plot of land on which to build her own wooden house (that's the wooden patio they are sitting on below). It is only USD7.50 to rent a plot of land at the riverbank because sometimes houses fall into the river. Dany tells me they are worried one day they will lose their homes as soil erosion means eventually the riverbank will move closer inland. Dany is divorced from her husband and also has a 19 year old daughter. Photo courtesy of Bloom customer Corey Torpie (

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