Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Outside and Inside the Bloom workshop

This one shows the outside of the workshop. It's in a little lane in the city, just off street 163. It's a nice little neighbourhood and neighbours often stop by to chat and their children play along this corridor. The women love children and are happy to be around them and their noisy games. Most of the Bloom team cycle to work and you can see their bicycles parked here. Edany's bike was stolen one day from right under their noses! Now they lock their bikes.
Inside the workshop. The typical Khmer flat "ptayh l'wairng" is a terrace house that is longish (usually 4m by 20m). "Wairng" in Khmer means "long". That's me and Sipha sitting on the floor trying to decide on how many pieces of the new designs we should make. Photos courtesy of Corey Torpie (

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