Monday, October 05, 2009

Siem Reap - Back to normal!

Yay! Back to normal. This is the exact same spot where I took the Tourist Bus and the motorcycle driving through the floods on Saturday. Today the street is dry as a bone. I took this photo in the afternoon about 1pm.

This is Sivatha with the Hotel de la Paix in the background. Dry, too, with the exception of the muddy water in large potholes. The water has washed away much of the gravel and sand. The tiles in front of our shop was also loosened. I'll upload photos to show the road reparation works going on.

Pub Street

Warehouse pub. You can see the difference from a few days ago. I just took this on my way to meet my vet and her friends for dinner around Pub Street.

The Old Market and Grand Cafe.

Blue Pumpkin

And the Bloom street!
I should point out, though, I have no idea what the situation is like closer to the river and at Wat Bo Road. I'll have to check it out tomorrow. Welcome back to Siem Reap!

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Unknown said...

Hey there - I am due back on Thursday. Has the flooding subsided over near Butterfly Gardens or will I have to swim back? Hope your home was ok and look forward to seeing you soon.


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