Saturday, October 03, 2009

Water, water everywhere

These photos show the river water spilling onto the side of the Old Market area. River, pavement and road are all one. In the last photo you can a Western tourist helping to push the tuktuk while her husband carries the baby.


Katie said...

Your blog has been by far the best account of flooding in the Siem Reap area. Most of the news coverage in Singapore and Thailand has focused on the natural disasters in Sumatra, the Phillipines and Samoa. Thanks to your photos, we have decided to play it safe and postpone our trip. When we do, we'll pop in the store and say hi.

Diana Saw said...

Hi Katie, thanks for this. Incredibly, Sivatha and the Old Market streets are almost completely dry today. There is talk that the authorities are controlling the flows from a dam.

It has just started to drizzle and we are not sure how more rains will affect the roads. Will keep you updated!


Sheygetz said...

Hi Diana, I wonder what do the locals think about when conditions will be back to normal? We were planning to come in 2 weeks time and are a little unsure now about whether to go thru with it.

Diana Saw said...

Hi Sheygetz, the waters have subsided a lot since yesterday. I think you will be ok in 2 weeks, as long as we're not hit by another storm. Cheers Diana


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