Thursday, March 18, 2010

Khmer for Barangs

My friend Dale Edmonds who runs Riverkids Project is learning Khmer and has started a blog Khmer101 to share her experience with readers. This is her latest entry:
"After considering jailbreaking my iPhone so I could install Khmer fonts on it, I decided to wait until May. I'm heading up around then, and will be able to get it done by one of the experts at Surya as well as pick up some more Khmer software.

In the meantime, I found and bought two small apps, both by the same guy, Phal Ngim, who has quite a few small iPhone apps. I had his iSpeakKhmer which is decent for phrases but was very basic tourist stuff that I already know.

iKhmerABC and iKhmerVowel are each $0.99 and are basically flashcards and an overview screen. They're nicely done and the pronunciation is clear.

I'll be using this over the next couple of weeks to memorize the alphabet. I'm not quite sure what the best way to learn it is - probably flashcards and practice handwriting.

Right now, as I struggle with the keyboard, I'm muttering "the little basket with the fish hooks, now the dancing ribbon..."
If you are a barang wanting to learn Khmer, check out Dale's blog - she also teaches you how to install Khmer fonts on Mac OSX.

Dale also found the GF 386, the CanaTech English-Khmer and Khmer-English electronic dictionary (cost USD190 at Peace Book Centre in Phnom Penh) useful.

Good luck!

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