Saturday, July 04, 2009

Phnom Penh in Dragonair's Silkroad magazine

I write freelance to earn some money since I don't get a salary from Bloom (although I have been thinking this must change, after almost 3 years). This one was on business in Phnom Penh for the carrier Dragonair, a subsidiary of Cathay Pacific. The in-flight magazine is called Silkroad. Dragonair has daily flights from China to Phnom Penh and most of its passengers are business people, hence the business angle. (Don't you just love the photo of Phnom Penh's Monivorng Boulevard? It's by Anthony Gibbin for Lonely Planet Images)

It was a great opportunity to meet some businesspeople in Phnom Penh and I made sure to get all different nationalities in different industries. In the end I wrote about ANZ Bank (with New Zealander James Lowrey, head of corporate and institutional banking), the Pavilion Group in the hospitality industry (with French owner Alexis de Suremain), web design company House32 (with American owner John Weeks), publishing company AsiaLIFE Guide (with British owner Mark Jackson).

I need to get permission to upload the entire story on my blog, but there was a lot of information and insight the gentlemen gave me about business in Cambodia, which was fascinating to me, since I also run a social enterprise here. I'll write those up as separate entries when I can, to share with others interested in business here.

Writing is fun, and is the only thing I really enjoy these days in Cambodia.

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K.K. said...

Oh, please show me the story. I'm curious. :D


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