Thursday, October 01, 2009

Tropical storm Ketsana in Siem Reap

This was at noon today, while taking a motocycle to the Bloom shop at the Old Market Area. We are on Sivatha, about to turn to Pub Street. You can see the 5 star Hotel de la Paix in the background. Even 5 stars are not spared in this town. But it is the first time the floods have been so bad in Siem Reap.

The rains came hard and heavy the day before yesterday and continued for a whole day. Cambodia was hit by tropical storm Ketsana, the same one that killed many in the Philippines and about 40 in Vietnam. Ten people died in Cambodia as the storm fell houses and trees. Our giant cherry tree too, was uprooted.

Women pushing their bicycles on the street between Centre Market and Old Market in Siem Reap. The floods near the Siem Reap International School were bad and Thyda had to get off her motocycle and push it for 500m. Water got into the engine and it wouldn't start. She said the cars drove fast because drivers did not want to get stuck in the waters. When that happened, the ripples made it harder to push her motocycle.

Beside Canadia Bank.

Tuktuk on the road to Pub Street where the Hospital is.

Three tourists from China were trying to walk on the flooded street. I was on the motorbike so had to take the photos as we drove past. Everyone wasn't sure what to do.

Turning into my street, this tourist saw me snapping away and gave me a helpless smile. I can understand when Western tourists don't want to step into the waters, because you don't know what's mixed in with it.

Pub Street

And one street north of Pub Street.

In front of Warehouse Pub

At the Old Market.

And the street where Bloom is!


Tanya said...

Oh my g-d! Does it look like its going to drain away anytime soon? We have had rain here but there is no flooding that bad that Im aware of.

Unknown said...

thanks for this post. hope you don't mind i will grab some pics and post it on our site. - mong of global voices


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