Saturday, August 01, 2009

Be a Tabloid writer for the Yes Men!

I just got this message from The Yes Men and I am helping to spread the message:
Become a tabloid writer!Saturday, August 1, 2009 12:09 AM
From: "The Yes Men"
Full description and sample articles:

Dear hard-boiled reporter-to-be,

Always wanted to be a tabloid writer? Always wanted to write about climate change? Thought so! So send us your dramatic, REAL-sounding, and possibly funny tabloid article, ad, cartoon, etc. about climate change to before August 15.

Pieces should feel at home in a tabloid (funny, angry, etc.), should be about climate change (the disastrous effects, cool initiatives to fight it, etc.), and should be fully based in reality. The idea is to show why fighting climate change is a good idea, no matter what your political persuasion or beliefs.

Winning bits will be part of a climate-change-oriented tabloid website and devious email campaign we're launching this month - and we'll send you something nice in the mail, too.

Here's the full description with a bunch of ideas and a couple of sample articles:

Can't wait to see your submission!
The Yes Men and friends
I'm going to give it a thought. The Yes Men have set such a high bar on satire, I don't know if I can match it though!

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