Thursday, August 27, 2009

Handsome Man shop

I took these photos a while back when this shop opened near my house. It is a clothing and accessories shop for men and it is called "Handsome Man". Beneath the signboard name is the tagline "To be a Handsome Man" in a nice cursive font. On the street is a vertical banner with a photo of a "handsome man".

Advertising in Cambodia tends to be straightforward - no beating about the bush here. See this other one: The Easy & Fast Aircon shop, just next to the Easy & Fast Air Ticket shop, both on Sivatha Boulevard.

This reminds me of a friend of mine who used to design ads in Singapore. She would complain to me how many of her clients, Chinese businessmen of SMEs (small and medium sized enterprises), only wanted "My Product, Big, Big". My friend was frustrated because she felt she had no room to be creative. All she had to do was blow up the businessmen's "product, big, big".

This was about a decade ago. Presumably ads are now more subtle back home. But I dislike some of these subtle ads, ads I find too clever by half. It seems to me the people behind the ads are trying too hard. And they do try hard, often creating free ads just to enter into advertising competitions where they may win prizes from their peers who appreciate and reward such subtlety more.

On the other hand, I quite like being told at one glance what the shop is about - Easy & Fast Air Tickets!

The other thing I notice about shop advertising in Cambodia is the owner will usually be the one in the ad. There is a hairdressers near my house whose lady owner is pictured in the banner in her fine traditional Cambodian dress with full make-up and hair-do. The only thing is, she is not, shall we say, the most attractive looking model. Still, you've got to give it to her - truth in advertising! You too, can be transformed, with her help!

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