Monday, August 03, 2009


I watched this hilarious episode of a reality show over the weekend which really cracked me up. Called "True Beauty" the American series pits contestants on their inner and outer beauty in a series of challenges. The winner gets USD100,000 cash and also a chance to appear in People magazine's annual list of the 100 Most Beautiful People in the USA.

In the episode I watched, the contestants were told they could take just one item with them for their next challenge. It was funny watching one contestant debating whether to take her hair curler or hair straightener. Another couldn't decide between mascara, toothbrush and a bra. In the end deodorant won the day.

But the one that had me laughing aloud was Billy, who chose as his one item, "my murse".

A murse! I'd never even heard of a murse before!

A murse is a man-purse and Billy's murse, a small shoulder bag [I think it was LV] contained everything he could possibly need. It's pre-packed especially for emergencies like these.

I couldn't decide which was worse - owning a murse or naming your bag a murse. I mean seriously, what kind of man owns a murse? And what kind of man calls his bag a murse? The thing was, Billy was so dead serious talking about his murse. It was hysterical - I literally started tearing, I was laughing so hard.

Billy could not get passed the judge who made him choose just one item from his man purse. In the end he chose his emergency USD100 bill. But not before making another contestant Ray, give up his box of pencils (Ray can only take one pencil, you see). Ray was so pissed off, in the end he chose a hairbrush (or something like it).

The contestants are really funny and unpretentious and now I can't wait for the next episode. It's also made me think maybe Bloom should start making murses. LOL.

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Unknown said...

hey Diana

ever wondered it's called Murse? is it cos it's rhymes with Mercs (the car Mercedes) or cos it has a nursing, nueturing quality?


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