Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just another cog in the machine

I just had to share this with readers. I loved this video - so clever and what a great message, so full of hope. I know it'll strike a chord with many of my friends in corporate jobs. The video is one of six shortlisted for the first ever global labour video of the year. To watch them all and to vote, click here.

Let's all continue speaking up for workers' rights and end the soul-destroying system and culture in so many companies.

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feddabonn said...

brilliant video! i ahve worked at a few places where i wished we could unionise. thanks for this diana!

on the union thing, there is something that has been troubling me. someone i know well has begun work at a large govt/pvt corporation here. while i was quite ready to be critical, it is increasingly becoming obvious to me that the management are really trying hard to communicate. there is an honesty i have rarely seen (and not the good for PR kinda honesty) and what seems to me a genuine attempt at doing the best possible for the employees while keeping the company going. i was hugely sceptical at first, but the closer i see things, it seems to be true.

the fly in the ointment? the union. the permanent staff are hugely dismissive of the casual staff, even though they demand their support. the casual staff, who really need the union's support and understanding are ignored, and dare not look after their own interests because of the union. the union seems set against management almost for its own sake, trying to stir up a fuss where none exists. i have just watched them spit at an attempt by management to involve them in some hard decisions. sadly, the worst affected by these decisions will be the casual/temp staff.

all this begs the it just as simple as the old saying that power corrupts? is (in this case) the union displaying the same behaviours that management usually do? the same arrogance and self-centered profiteering? i seriously begin to think harder about anarchy- no leaders. NO leaders. no authourity, not even the union. but that doesn't seem like much of a solution either.

what do you think? have you seen unions go bad?


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