Friday, September 04, 2009

76 year old destitute woman in Singapore

"This is an AFP video about a 76 year old Singapore street scavenger who became destitute after paying for her late husband’s medical bills. The Government in Singapore subsidizes only 36% of healthcare, compared to 50% to 85% for other developed nations."

She collects rubbish to survive and says the price of recyclables have fallen dramatically. It is the same here with the ait-jai (rubbish collectors in Cambodia). Previously aluminium cans used to fetch 200 riels (USD0.05) for 3. Now, they go for 500 riels (USD0.125) for 10 cans. Which works out to 150 riels for 3 cans, a drop of 25% in income. Which means the children rubbish collectors and their parents have to work 25% as hard to make the same income as before.

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