Monday, September 14, 2009

Countries with Universal Healthcare

Red - Iraq and Afghanistan universal health coverage provided by US war funding
Grey - Countries with no universal health coverage
Dark Green - Countries with some kind of universal health coverage
Light Green -Countries attempting universal health coverage

"Keep in mind: this is a simple list of countries that have some sort of publicly sponsored health care system. For instance, Sri Lanka may be far from having a true, working universal health care system like France, but prescription drugs are provided by a government-owned drug manufacturer. This qualifies as "some sort of publicly sponsored, universal health care system."

Universal healthcare is simply health care coverage for all eligible residents of a political region where costs are borne in the majority by government-funded programs. I am not sure why Singapore is not coloured dark green though.


Tanya said...

Hmm it seems New Zealand has fallen off this 'world' map!

Diana Saw said...

Oops! Sorry that was my mistake. I could not get the whole pic on the one shot. I've changed the image to show NZ and wrote down the legend separately. Thanks for pointing out, Tanya. Cheers Diana


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