Sunday, September 20, 2009

Dead rat and how to dispose of carcasses

I could not believe it when I saw this on my way to work at the Bloom shop. Residents of Siem Reap may recognise this lane, around Pub street which is used by this restaurant to prepare food and wash dishes etc. The young woman doing the washing seemed oblivious to the dead rat lying just a short distance from her. I wonder who will pick up the dead rat. Actually now that I think about it, I wonder how dead animals are disposed of in this town. My neighbour buried his dead puppy and I think most people burn rat roadkill and the like.

Just the other day, our vet, who lives in town and has no access to a garden where you can start a fire, asked if we could maybe help dispose of a body for her. It was a cat she was operating on which may not live. Apparently the rubbish company told them it is illegal to throw carcasses into the rubbish bin.

Luckily no cat bonfire was necessary.

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