Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keeping your property secure in Siem Reap

I took these photos of the types of gates and fences Cambodians use to keep their property secure. This first one is a handmade wooden fence with gate. And the second one is just metal plates (I am not sure how they are held together). The third one is common, barbed wire strung in rows.

The next two are photos of razorwire, which is placed above walls to keep intruders out. I had never seen razor wires until I came to Cambodia. In Singapore, I've only known barbed wire. Razor wires are more lethal and scary. The house we lived in, in Phnom Penh, had razor wires, but that still did not stop thieves from trying to break in.

See this last pic with the busted gate? Even metal gates will not stop thieves here in Cambodia. This property had some metal lying around and I guess that was what the thieves were trying to get.

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