Saturday, January 17, 2009

What a pregnant cow looks like

The stomach of a pregnant cow expands sideways to accommodate the baby calf. It's quite a sight to behold. This was taken along the road to our house. We often see cows being led to graze on fields in the area where we live, which is "semi-countryside", not quite countryside and not quite town. We used to see many water buffalos but these are now gone because the ponds have been filled with sand for building houses.


Tanya said...

Now thats a familar sight a pregnant parents have highland cattle which are a lot more hairy than brahmans but the belly looks much the same when its full of arms and legs!

Ron said...

Diana, these two photos are great!Thank you for posting. I've been meaning to catch up on your blog and finally had the chance to this afternoon. I'll definately be back!Hope all is well in Cambodia


Diana Saw said...

Hey Ron and Tanya,

Thanks for the comments. Because I grew up in Singapore (all city; no countryside), I am constantly amazed at the nature here in Cambodia. I take photos of worms and frogs and snakes--the locals think I am "swaku" (Singapore-Hokkien term for "from the mountains", meaning ignorant).

I'll be back in Singapore for Chinese New Year, and am really looking forward to seeing all my friends again :)



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