Saturday, June 26, 2010

British paedophile runs kid's charity in Cambodia

I had shared the story with my Facebook friends but did not do so on the blog.  I just got this email so I think maybe I should help spread the word. You can read the story on the Mirror ((in the email below) or go to the journalist's site  and read the unedited version here: Be prepared to be sickened. 


I'm a volunteer in Cambodia (just for 2 months though), and I read your blog quite often. Anyway, I saw this article from somewhere else which you might be interested to see. It's an expose about a British pedophile running a charity over here in Cambodia. I think he's still doing it even now, and the authorities ain't or can't do anything about it. I think your blog/facebook has a pretty wide reach, so might be good to just post it up, and let more people know about it. (And also for people to generally be more wary of such "charities" over here, and not to just part with their money without finding out more about the charity first =X)

Wee Kee

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