Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking for Liza Kerkache

I met this wonderful lady at my shop last year. Subsequently we spent almost everyday together, and Liza even rolled up her sleeves to help me redecorate the shop. But I have lost touch with Liza. I don't have her email and can't find her online. (I am not even sure I spelt her last name correctly).

This is what I know of Liza. She is a North African and Indian beauty, born in France. Liza is married to an Irishman with whom she has a young son. The family currently lives in Australia where her hubby is a pediatrician. Liza - if you are reading this, please contact me! I think about you often and am still using the oil burner you gave me :)

I hope someone out there can help me get in touch with her again. Your reward will be a Bloom bag!

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