Friday, June 25, 2010

Stretch limo in Cambodia

You don't expect to see this sort of thing in Cambodia, one of the world's poorest countries, where 77.7% of the population live on less than US$2 a day, 59% have no access to safe drinking water, 83% without access to basic sanitation and the life expectancy is only 58 years. (See

But in touristy Siem Reap, where the Amansara (Angelina Jolie supposedly stays here when she is in town) charges upwards of US$750 a night, you can find things like this stretch limo. Initially very jarring to the senses - but I'm not surprised anymore.

The limo belongs to Sokha hotel, owned by the Sokimex group, owned by Oknha Sok Kong, who has close ties with the ruling Cambodian People's Party.  FYI - Sokimex shares in the revenue from the sales of tickets to Angkor Wat, the other beneficiary being the Apsara Authority. (See here and here). Currently, Sokha hotels is building an US$80 million, 600 room, 5 star hotel in Sihanoukville which has come under some scrutiny. It has also started construction on a 800 room, 5 star hotel in Phnom Penh.

Anyway, just so you know - you can travel in style like a hiphop mogul, even in Cambodia.

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