Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love starving artists

So do I - that's why I don't give them any money, lol.
(Spotted in downtown Siem Reap.) 


UF said...

Hopefully the picture-taker was using "starving" as an adjective rather than as a verb!!

Diana Saw said...

hey JJ, maybe it was meant as a noun!

On another note, I came across this:

"Starving Artists: The Process

Factory workers stand, for hours at a time, in front of machines that support a long roll of blank canvas. With brushes and paint, each worker is responsible for painting one image or portion of a painting’s entire composition. For instance, when producing a landscape painting, Artist #1 will paint a tree, Artist #2 will paint a bird, etc. At intervals the canvas is automatically repositioned to expose the next blank area of canvas to the workers who will paint it. The workers repeat the painting process. During the process, Artist #1 paints that same tree over and over again for the next 14 hours straight.

"Well, just like Artist #1 whose job it is to paint that tree, there is another artist in the starving artist sweatshop who signs paintings."

Terrible. Assembly line art. Read more here:

the spool artist said...

this is from our cafe... artdeli!
we sponsor artists who don't have money to start up their series / works through our Starving Artists Program, hence the statement! ... peace!


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