Friday, June 25, 2010

Satellite TV (and World Cup) in Siem Reap

This is the cable TV company in Siem Reap,  RSCTV. We get 85 channels for US$5 a month. One of the best deals in Cambodia, which made me wonder if many of the channels were pirated - duh. These are the satellite dishes used to receive all the channels. Ch'ran, ch'ran! ("many, many").

The company is great - very professional. Every month their guys come on a motorbike to the house to collect the money (now why can't the electricity people do the same, saving me this trouble?). They always give us a receipt for the $5. We had some problems with channels 80-84 (84 is my beloved Al Jazeera) and told them when they came round for the bill. They returned an hour later to fix the problem. Service is very good and we are very happy with our cable TV.

My poor (ok, not so poor) friends in Singapore have to pay a minimum of US$50 to watch the World Cup, but we get it for free (via Malaysian, Thai and Vietnamese sports channels). The high prices led to public demonstrations, rare in tightly controlled Singapore. Yes, Singaporeans are serious about their soccer, lol.

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