Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cambodian prison riot

I found this bizarre video of a prison "riot" today as I was researching Cambodian prisons. I actually visited one, Prey Sar, which is near Phnom Penh around the same time as this incident took place. I will post an entry on that visit later. But have a look at this. It is typical of the "take no prisoners" approach of the Cambodian government and its armed forces. I was reminded of this when I read BBC's report on yesterday's fighting with Thailand: "But on Tuesday, Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen threatened to turn the area into a "death zone" if the Thai troops did not withdraw."

The video mostly shows Cambodian Special Forces standing around but does contain some shooting.


Cambodian Prison Riot @ Batambang
Prisoners were out of control at Batambang province, the Western part of Cambodia next to Thailand. One of prison guards was hostaged and prison guards were not ordered properly to control riot. The Special Police Forces were ordered by Hok Lundy, Cambodia National Police Commissioner, and his high rank associates, to kill prisoners including the hostage, the prison guard.

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