Sunday, October 26, 2008

Zimbabwe's 100 billion dollar note

This is Zimbabwe, where inflation is 231 million percent a year. Unemployment is 80% and a third of country’s population left it. They started printing a - get this - 100 billion dollar note. All that cash the man is carrying is equal to USD100. (The exchange rate is 25 million Zimbabwe dollars for 1 US dollar.) Photos from Humorland

It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

I watched an episode of BBC's Newsnight earlier this year. It was presented by Jeremy Paxton and the programme showed blurred out pictures of the injuries of members of the Zimbabwean Movement for Democratic Change who have been tortured by Mugabe’s JOC central committee. Buttocks and palms beaten with rods to expose muscle and bone. If you have a strong stomach you can see the photos here: Archbishop Cranmer's Blog

Even under such extreme circumstances, you will find heroes. And proof of the rigged Zimbabwean elections. Guardian

I am finding I need to add a new label for my posts: "Evil".

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