Friday, October 24, 2008

Reading by streetlamps

Guinean students study under the lights of the Conakry airport parking lot in June. (Rebecca Blackwell/The Associated Press)

These are young men who are trying to read and study at night--some of them walk miles to find lights in their country. This place is the parking lot of the Conakry airport, which stays open for an Air France flight that arrives around midnight. In Guinea, 4/5 of the population has no electricity at all, while the remaining 1/5 get sporadic service. Cambodia is paradise compared to Guinea--we have been having 2-5 hours of power cuts daily at the workshop in Phnom Penh, while in Siem Reap there is hardly ever power cuts where we live and work.

I came across the photo on this site:

I actually met a few Guineans earlier this year in Siem Reap. They came over for a dance performance which was held at Abacus restaurant. Guineans speak French so I did not manage to communicate very much with them.

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