Sunday, October 26, 2008

Politicians' Dangerous Liaisons with rich men

This is so funny!

"Peter Mandelson has more than two euros to rub together. But even people as well-off as them feel impoverished in the presence of the billionocracy. Perhaps that is why the smell of big money so often sends politicians off their heads.

I remember Tony Blair sitting between Bill Gates and Bono at a Davos summit and moaning that he had gone into the wrong profession. Though his holidays always generated a bad press, Mr Blair had a weakness for wanting to live like one of the super-rich. He would have been better off taking Cherie for a wet week in Wales because those blingy holidays rarely made him happy. He would return from wealthy men's villas moaning to his intimates about how unfair it was that he, with all the responsibilities of leading a G8 country, was so impecunious compared with the super-rich."

By Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer

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