Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Rain, rain go away

There was a great big storm early this morning which uprooted one of our papaya trees. It was probably too top heavy because it had so many fruit. Maybe we should have plucked some instead of waiting for them to ripen. As a point of interest, Cambodians like their fruit green (unripe). Green papaya is pickled or used in salads. So is green mango. In fact, green mango is eaten raw, with a salt-and-chilli mixture. I have a theory that in this country fruit is eaten before it has a chance to ripen because during the time of war, people had to eat whatever they could get their hands on, and if you wait for a fruit to ripen, you may not see it again.

I took the second pic to show the giant earthworms (we also have giant millipedes, thick and long--you don't see these anymore in Singapore!). They come out after the storm and there are earthworms everywhere because the rain floods their homes (holes).

The others show the roads leading to my house. Sigh. I have to wade through puddles and avoid the mud. You can see how I walk, my feet not touching the tips of the shoes in an effort to keep my feet mud-free. When it rains very heavily, like today, you cannot even walk without getting your shoes soaked. In fact I had to take a moto to work today because the roads were so bad. Even the paved road leading to Sivatha Boulevard was flooded.

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