Monday, October 27, 2008

Chinese speaking tuk-tuk driver

I was surprised to come across a Chinese sign stuck onto walls along the road to my house so I took a photo. It says "Good Day to You! I am a tuk-tuk driver! I can speak Mandarin! My name is ANDY Wang (Little Wang)". And then there are his phone numbers.

It also says $55 and if you go with him for 3 days, he will throw in one free day. $55 for 3 days works out to $18.33 a day, which is above market rate (tuk tuk for a day is between USD13 and USD15, but only to the main temples, not those further away). If you take Andy's tuk-tuk for 4 days, it's a fair price (USD13.75 a day).

I think the sign was written for Andy by a Chinese customer. Which probably means he provided good service to his Chinese customer. A tuk-tuk driver told me how his Korean customer posted information about him online (in Korean) which really helped his business.

I have been trying to figure out how to write in Chinese in Blogger. I found this site and it seems so simple but after changing my settings to enable transliteration, no button popped up on the post editor. I have no idea why, but on my browser (Safari) I am also unable to add links--nothing happens when I click on the link icon. Maybe it is time to switch to Firefox. Those of you who want to use another language on your blog can check this out: Make your blog speak your language

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