Monday, November 03, 2008

Cambodian floods

Further to my post "Siem Reap floods" where I noted floods here are worse than last year's because of human development.

Today I was reading about the floods in Phnom Penh--apparently it is flooding "like never before". People are blaming the filling in of lakes, see Cambodia Mirror and even Korean developers: "Further reports of unprecedented flooding in the expatriate stronghold of Sala Kamroeuk commune suggest that a Korean building company was responsible." From Phnom Penh Post

Yet another indication property prices are over-priced. Imagine paying a few hundred thousand USD for your house in Phnom Penh and your neighbour builds something and your house gets flooded.

Back to Siem Reap. This poor woman's house flooded a few days ago. She lives on a paved road, the road linking Psar Gne and Sivatha. I did not manage to take photos of the day that road flooded badly because I was just trying not to fall off the motorbike on my way to the Bloom shop. More flooded houses on the same road.

And this is me. Sigh. I actually did not go to work at the Bloom shop one day last week because of the floods. (I was secretly pleased though, since I work here 7 days a week, after sending Chhun Hy to Phnom Penh to manage the Bloom shop there). It is so gross, because water flows from this rubbish dump into this pool of water. Ugh. Usually the neighbours burn their trash (don't even get me started), but the rain prevents this.
This is the road to our house. We have been wading through every day for the last few days. I am planning to move--this time next year the roads will be even worse, mark my words.

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