Sunday, November 02, 2008

Who's reading who?

Garlic--believed to keep evil away. I took this photo in Nepal.

I get a fair number of visitors to this blog--some of whom I prefer not to have. Let me explain.

My friend John told me about this thing called Site Meter which I have installed. It shows me who is reading the blog and also lets me know how they find the blog (for fellow bloggers, go to and you will also be able to follow who is following you--it's all very voyueristic).

Most people are first time visitors who come across this blog via Google, or for quite a number from the US, via MSN live search. The most popular topics are the touristy ones, so my post on the Water Festival, which is coming up in 10 days, gets many hits. So do "Taxi/bus from Siem Reap to Bangkok" and "Questions I get about Cambodia".

The posts on Cambodian property also do quite well. In addition, I get a number of visitors who Google "marry Cambodian" (it's good to know Cambodians are desirable marriage partners!). They get directed to my post on Chhun Hy's dreams of marrying a foreign woman, which would not help them much if they were looking for Cambodian laws on marriage.

The recent post "Singlish in Cambodia" did well with Singaporean readers because it was picked up by a few Singapore sites. Many people also got pointed to my entry on Chomsky because the headline was a close match to what people were Googling, namely "Chomsky turns 80; interview with the BBC".

Unfortunately, because Google works by searching all the words on the blog, anyone typing in "naked Cambodian women" will get directed to my blog, because of the entry "Bloom cafe and the naked chef", even though the words "Cambodian" and "women" occur elsewhere. It is interesting that the only people who search these words are in the US. I even had one person in California search for "Cambodian singer sex" and ended up on my post "Popular Cambodian singer shot". I suspect they are Khmers living in the US.

But the ones that really, really disgust me are those who type "sex childish", or some other wrong spelling of those terms. These people have come from the US (2), Brazil (1), Peru (1) and Yemen (1). How do they end up on this blog? Because of one post entitled "Sex trade in Cambodia, Childish Khmers and the Blame Game". Of course, once these sickos realise it's not what they are looking for, they leave.

If only garlic worked in cyberspace...

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