Sunday, November 30, 2008

Recession Special: 50 cent beer!

My neighbour across the road is Viva mexican restaurant. They recently lowered their beer prices to USD0.50 a mug, with a sign announcing "Recession Special". Yay! These are the restaurants around the Old Market that are now offering 50 cent beers, in case you are interested.

1. Easy Speaking on Pub Street
2. Khmer Idea on Pub Street
3. Viva - both branches on Pub Street and next to Soho casino
4. Cambodian Soup Kitchen on Pub Street
5. India Gate restaurant on south end of Sivatha Boulevard

One restaurant owner told me business has been quiet with the lock-down of Bangkok's International Airport, which will remain closed until Monday, at least. I think the Thais are pretty amazing. I cannot imagine this happening in another country, where protestors get their way and the armed forces let them. The Thais may not have democracy, but they surely have freedom.

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