Thursday, November 13, 2008

Water Festival in Siem Reap 1/3

I took these photos around 4pm yesterday. Alan and I walked from the Bloom shop near the old market area to the river and it was packed with people! You can see many people on the bridge facing one direction, because the boat race ends before this bridge (the Old Market Bridge).

This was what everyone came to see, the boat race!

There was even an all-women team! Cool!

The riverside here in Siem Reap was packed with Cambodians out for a day of fun. There were hawkers and fair games and picnics by the river.

The rich and important people have VIP seating.

This enterprising landowner used his large piece of land as a motorcycle park. Most Cambodians have motorcycles instead of cars and they always need a place to park their bikes. Usually it costs 500 riels to park your bike but the charges may be 1000 riels (0.25cents US) today, since it is a special day. (Prices always rise prior to, and on, festive occasions in Cambodia).

The day is over and people from around Siem Reap and other provinces pile onto minivans like this which will take them home.

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