Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween in Cambodia

Some of you may know I am a freelance contributor to AsiaLIFE magazine AsiaLIFE. Yesterday I took these photos for the magazine but could not resist putting them up on my blog too!

Siem Reap's Halloween party was organised by Charlie and Zoe of the Angkor Wat? Bar on Pub Street. It was the first time I had met Charlie and Zoe (he is the Superhero and she, Ronald McDonald) and I really like them. The pub haunts started at X-Bar and continued on to Funky Munky, Warehouse, Red Piano, Molly Malones before culminating in a (late) night of mayhem at the Angkor What? Bar.

I loved the costumes--so original. Check out the paper mache tweety bird head and the one made out of two red food covers to resemble a pumpkin. It can't be easy to get Halloween costumes in this country! I was told the expats make the dresses themselves. The Cambodians must have been thinking "those crazy barangs (foreigners)" as they stood outside the pubs and gawked.

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