Thursday, December 18, 2008

Angkor Dog Show

Last weekend, we took Austin and Nessie to the second AngkorDog Show. It was organised by our vet, Isabell, who runs Pets n' Vets, and she encouraged us to show our dogs in the beauty contest. The show took place at The Happy Ranch, a large piece of land where you can taking horseriding lessons given by Isabell (tempting!).

If I am not wrong, our dogs were the only mutts and the only Cambodians. There were a number of labs and golden retrievers who were beautiful. Nessie and Austin took part in the small dogs (10-20kg) category and Nessie came in last of 4 dogs! Izzie said she would have been champion if not for scoring zero for "attitude!". Yes, Nessie is a right little monster, and growled when the judge tried to pat her. She is actually a very funny and affectionate dog, very, very affectionate, like a lap dog, always jumping on our laps or snuggling in between our legs!

Austin came in second and won a bag of dog biscuits! Izzie said to us later she thought he was very well-behaved. The champ in that round is a long-haired Jack Russell, Scamps, who came all the way from England via Bangkok. I found out from the owner they walked across the border from Thailand into Cambodia freely. There are no quarantine laws in Cambodia. She also told me you can also cross the border from Cambodia into Thailand with your dogs and there is no problem. It seems Cambodians sometimes bring their dogs to Bangkok to participate in Thai dog shows.

I don't have photos of our champs at the show because I could not take photos while handling them!

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