Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Scam from South Africa

Since my current mission is to expose scams: I just received this in my email. The subject says "CASH DONATION! ! !" and the sender's name is OXFAM GB-UK. But look closely and you will notice this OXFAM GB-UK email came from psmith74@cox.net. And the contact person is from South Africa (domain name is .za).

Tuesday, December 2, 2008 4:37 PM
From: "OXFAM GB-UK" Add sender to Contacts
To: undisclosed-recipients
You been awarded £850,000 from the OXFAM GB -
UK cash/Promo Contact Dr.Terry Williams.
Qualification Number(OG/N231/E101/BDB)

I have also received emails saying I have been selected to go to an NGO course in the US with the usual payment required (all hotels and food covered! you just have to pay for your airfare!). I wonder how many Cambodians have received the same and how many actually fall for it.

We should all do what this guy did--he very cleverly turned the tables around and tricked a Nigerian con-man into getting a tattoo. Read the full story here.

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Anonymous said...

I actually got the same email today, but I got it from orantesc@cox.net, which supposed to be the emailadress of a decent man. FAKE, and thanks for putting things like this on the internet. There are indeed still a lot of people who fall for this kind of fake emails.


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