Saturday, December 06, 2008

Our family

This is my family of dogs--I have a pride! I love dogs and Austin and Nessie have three puppies, all of whom we kept. We rented a house with a huge garden (27m by 60m) specially for them. Because Khmers eat dogs, we don't let the dogs wander freely. I know one Westerner who had his black labrador stolen by a Vietnamese run restaurant. He had to pay USD200 to get the dog back.
This is Sunshine. We called her Yoda in the beginning, because her forehead is so wrinkly. She always looks like she is deep in thought. She is white and brown and like Austin, her father, she has a white-tipped tail, as you can see from the first photo.
This is Buster, the second puppy born. He's very tough, with big bones and thick, soft fur. He has an Alsation face and is all brown, the colour of his mother, Nessie.
And this is Sooty, because she is all black. The vet says we are so lucky, to have all colours in one litter. She is the smallest of the group, and is always picked on by the rest. She is the only one with a curly tail. We think of Sooty as our autistic dog, because she always seems so spaced out. Sooty is a loner and may well be the cleverest of the lot. She's always the first one to learn a new trick or figure something out.
Puppies at play
Our kiddos.
I could not resist putting this photo up: Nessie, looking at me from our hammock.

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