Monday, October 27, 2008

Apple now has more cash than Microsoft

This is a new Apple shop opening in Siem Reap on Sivatha Boulevard. It's called Future World. Siem Reap already has one authorised Apple reseller, called iONE (also on Sivatha). iONE is also found on Phnom Penh's Monivorng Boulevard and I went in to compare prices recently. The seller told me the prices are the same in Siem Reap as in Phnom Penh but there are better freebies offered at the Siem Reap shop. Recent freebies included an LG phone and an iPod Nano.

I am an Apple user, not for any lofty reason than for the fact that Apple users are less vulnerable to viruses--hey, I no longer have an IT helpdesk! I've always been a PC user until I moved to Cambodia, simply because schools and offices use PCs in Singapore (unless you work in design). I found it a little annoying in the beginning when I first switched to a Mac, because I was frustrated with the limited software available for the Mac. This is especially the case in Cambodia, where you can get pirated PC software but hardly any for the Mac.

Since using a Mac though I have been a fan. My white MacBook, the cheapest one I could find (SGD1899 or USD1261, if you must know, bought in Nov 2007) has served me well and doesn't crash or hang or have any of the problems I used to have with my Dell notebook that the office provided--patches were a real annoyance.

By the way, Apple, with a market cap of USD85.8bn (23rd Oct), has enough cash now to buy Dell (market cap USD23.5 billion). Which is funny, given that 11 years ago, Michael Dell, when asked what he would do if he were Apple’s CEO, answered: “What would I do? I’d shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders.” Fortune Blogs

I also read how Apple is performing vis-a-vis Microsoft: Microsoft's quarterly revenues grew by 9%, compared to Apple's non-GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) revenue increase of 75.1% year over year. And no wonder, if my Singaporean friends are anything to go by. So many of them bought themselves an iPhone (I use a simple, second-hand, no camera, no radio, no nothing Nokia, which cost me USD20 in Phnom Penh).

From "Apple earnings, profits, and cash embarrass Microsoft" By Prince McLean
"While Microsoft executives like to talk about Apple as an insignificant company with less than 5% of the worldwide market share of all PCs and servers sold, the Mac maker now has more cash than Microsoft and earns more than half of its profits and over three fourths its revenues.

For the quarter ending in September, Microsoft released revenues of $15.06 billion, net profits of $4.37 billion, and a reserve of cash, cash equivalents, and short-term investments that added up to $20.7 billion.

Apple reported $7.9 billion in revenues and $1.14 billion in net profit, but those numbers don't include most of its iPhone business, which is hidden away in subscription accounting under GAAP rules. For that reason, Apple also released its real earnings: $11.68 billion in revenue and $2.44 billion in net profits. The company also reported a cash position of $24.5 billion.

Microsoft's quarterly revenues grew by 9%, compared to Apple's non-GAAP revenue increase of 75.1% year over year.


Macgovkh said...

I heard that iOne is not an Authorised Reseller in Siem Reap, the Authorise Reseller in Siem Reap is Future World (the one in the photo) and They also going to become Apple Authorised Service Center also

Diana Saw said...

Are you the owner of Future World by any chance :)

I did a bit of digging online and found this:

"There are only two Authorized Apple Distributors in Phnom Penh: Uni Young Technologies and iOne. Both carry a full complement of Apple's desktops and latops along with accessories for anything Apple. Both are also Authorized Apple Resellers and offer the option of a three-year Applecare warranty."

Still, I will go ask iOne myself and if it's not authorised, I'll let readers know.

Anonymous said...

in terms of being partner of apple, just take a look at only store signboard, if there is not logo of Authorised Reseller, it is not not approved by apple.

Diana Saw said...

Hi SRP, I keep meaning to post this: yes you are right. I have checked with iOne and their outlet in Siem Reap is indeed not an authorised reseller, even though the iOne shops in Phnom Penh are. So the poster is also correct.

I asked iOne why the Siem Reap shop is not an authorised reseller and they said there it's because of "human resources", which I took to mean, training, issues.

Anonymous said...

i have been to one of apple store at siem reap, infront of Angkor Market where i usuall shopping. the store called FUTUREWORLD. I talked to the friendly sale man. i have issue with my macbook G4 which i had hopeless to repaired and thru it away. he passed this issue to one Engineer. i was suprised me that in siem reap, there is perfect man help survive my Macbook g4. i would recommend this to my Mac team for buying apple from them.
good by siem reap. it is all about

Anonymous said...

yes, those people there are very good.they help me alot in instruction on how to use Mac. which i have never had it before. i'm too old to learn about new Tech. but now i'm so happy having this apple store helping me alot.
now i can communicate with my son in Germany eariler. i can arrange my own phone with slide show and music with one click.
i can work smoothly here without headach of Virus....

I'll be at Futureworld (Authorised Reseller in siem reap) again in case i got some other issue...


Macgovkh said...

Thank you Diana... I am very happy.... Now more people believe I am say only the truth. And I would like to invite you and all visitor to visit our shop at least once or regularly to check out our price.... Hehe hehe

Diana Saw said...

Hi SRP, my husband goes in regularly and told me there is one guy there who knows what he is talking about, which impressed him. So, yes, like the anonymous poster, we would definitely go to Future World if we have technical problems. Right now I am checking out the iPhone but at around USD900, it is crazy expensive in Cambodia. (It is free in Singapore with a phone plan...)

Anonymous said...

just come to see this blog.Yeah, there so manay Mac user incrasingly for rcently date ...

Anonymous said...

I just catch up this blog by chance since I'm trying to find iOne Siem Reap contact number before I reach there for their service again,,,, I was working as designer in Siem Reap for 3 years using Macbook and installed window by Neeka Limited (mother company of Future World who selling PC & Mac together) and after iOne Siem Reap opened around mid of 2008, Neeka had splited shop in to 2, Neeka itself for various PC and Future World for Mac,,,, Neeka caused my Mac stucked and stucked again and again with only Window installation and he tooked me around 2 weeks to return my Mac, but when I found iOne Siem Reap, the young energetic technician repair it for me with just around 1 hour. From then, I never step in Neeka or Future World again, I keep introduce iOne Siem Reap exceptional Mac service to all my friends who working there,,,

Anonymous said...

I knew that iOne in Phnom Penh is authorized reseller and leader in Mac market since last 3 years, they also provide excellent tech service to us, when we want to buy Apple products or its accessories iOne is the only shop we remember since they have everything of Apple in their shop, beside I'm happy to hear that iOne also opened their branch in Siem Reap with repair service as well, who is Future world??? I just seen in pic, never heard their name before,,,

Anonymous said...

Hi All

I am a Mac user and I live in BattamBang, And I am not really understand about what Mr. Philipino has mentions, please kindly explain me more:
- You mention that Neeka spend to long time or not to fixed your problem. my question is DOES Neeka IS ONE OF THE AUTHORISED SERVICE PROVIDER in Cambodia? If not then WHY YOU BRING IT TO THEM? they might don't have enough tool to repair/troubleshooting your Mac, You should looking for Authorised Service Provider because they will give you best service.

TIPS FOR MAC USER: You should only bring your Mac to the Apple Authorized Service Provider if you have hardware/software problem. BUT if where you live don't have service provider then you go to Apple Authorised Reseller BUT you need to ask the Technician for Mac OS X Certificate, IF your location don't have both then you need to repair your computer using TRUST (TRUST means you know well about that Technician, and you believe he can solve your problem)...

Unknown said...

can anybody share Siem Reap iOne & Future World phone numbers?

Diana Saw said...

Sigh, just Google to get the numbers lah! Anyway, since I am free I did it for you -

1. Neeka Limited and FutureWorld’s Showroom
# 090, Group-2, Center II, Sivutha Street, Svay Dangkum Commune.
Siem Reap Province, CAMBODIA,
Tel: (855)-063 764 039,
Fax: (855)-063 764 041
Hot Line: 017 555 001
2. Neeka Limited (Phnom Penh Office)
57D/E, Samdech Preah Sihnanouk Street, Sangkat Chaktomouck Khand Duan Penh,Phom Penh, Cambodia,
Tel: (855-23) 210952
Fax: (855-23) 217398
Hot Line: 017 555 001

From Cambodia's yellow pages:
iOne Siem Reap
provided by iOne Monivong
063 761 019
Siem Reap NÂș. AII 1776, Street Sivatha, Mondul II Village, Svay Dangkum Commune, Siem Reap District

tribal_sky said...

big tnx

Unknown said...

iOne Siem Reap
(Apple Authorized Reseller)
#All 1776, Sivatha Blvd.,
Mondule II, Svay Dangkum
Siem Reap, Cambodia.
Tel: 063 76 10 19
Fax: 063 76 10 19

Check Apple website ... ... select "Cambodia" under Reseller.

FYI, iOne also owns the ONE and ONLY Apple Premium Reseller in Cambodia, located at Canadia Tower, Phnom Penh. iOne has total 2 more outlets located along Monivong Blvd in Phnom Penh as well.

iOne @ Canadia Tower - Apple Premium Reseller
Ground Floor, Canadia Tower, no 315, St Ang Duong (St 110)
Corner of Monivong Blvd
Phnom Penh
Tel: 85523998889 / 23997575
Fax: 85523997373
Business Hour: Monday to Saturday 8am to 6pm

Unknown said...

Just passed by & found out that iOne Siem Reap is running promotion today. Great deals for Macbook White (USD999 + 3 gratis) and iPod Touch 8GB (USD199 + 3 gratis). Will consider the Macbook White for my wife.

KhmerMac said...

Sometime pricing is not a matter but the quality of service and communication is what we need, that why we don't use windows PC but using Macs.


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