Saturday, June 13, 2009

World's best transport drivers

People are always making fun of the way Cambodians transport goods. See here or here for examples.

Well, having seen these photos, I declare the champs in transporting goods are...the Chinese! (And also champions at parking!) Thanks to

Update 13.07.2009: The owner of the basketmoto-foto, "Die Saison-Hedonisten" left a comment to say, "the people in India are even better than the Chinese". [Thanks for the great pic Hedonisten!] Check out her food blog (in German) here.


Calling Cambodia said...

I must say those are great pictures. I live in Cambodia but i never had a beautiful funny shot like these photos. I like it.

Diana Saw said...

Hey Calling Cambodia, those photos are actually taken in China. I posted them to show how the Chinese manage to pile everything on their vehicle, just like in Cambodia. Cheers, Cambodia Calling

Die Saison-Hedonisten said...

Hi - I'm the owner of the basketmoto-foto and I must say that we were most of the time impressed of what a single moto is capable of carrying :)

But I must say that the people in India are even better than the Chinese


Diana Saw said...

Hi Die Saison-Hedonisten,

Thanks for the comment! I checked out your blog and although I cannot read German, the photos speak a thousand words. I love the pictures and those on the blog you follow ("low-budget cooking"). The food looks so yummy! Can you add a translation widget so people like me can follow?

I'm now going to check out Indian transport photos!



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