Friday, June 26, 2009

The World Diabetes Foundation replied!

I love, love the Internet.

Ok, so we can get proper help for Chhun Hy's father, finally. After my email to the Foundation's Communications Director, I received an email from the Hospital Director at Kampong Thom.
Dear Diana Saw,
I got your message forwarded from Dr. Varoeun, Chief of Diabetes program in Cambodia asking the contact number and address for Kampong Thom Diabetes clinic. The Diabetes clinic in Kampong Thom is located in the compound of Kampong Thom Provincial hospital along the Stung Sen riverside in the midle of Kampong Thom town. The chief of the clinic is Dr. Nget Bochum. His contact number is [...]. You can directly contact with him or write a message to me via my e-mail address [...] . Don't worry about the cost of treatment it is cheap. But one thing I have to tel you that if the condition of the patient is not serious, he or she can just take medicines home if not they have to be admitted in the hospital for intencive care.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Srey Sin, Hospital Director, Kampong Thom
Super. To all those who helped at the Foundation - thanks so much!

I removed the phone and email address cos I don't want the good doctor to be spammed, but if you need the information, please do email me.

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